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Never Buy Mala Beads from Amazon

Why You Should Never Buy Mala Beads from Amazon/Etsy

We at Art Of Tibet, have seen people searching for Mala Beads on Amazon, Mala Beads on Etsy and so on. Have you ever checked “Can I get authentic Mala Beads on Amazon or Etsy”. These are great platforms for shopping but in the case of Mala Beads, you should never buy from Amazon or Etsy. It is because almost all the Mala Bead and Prayer Beads you can buy online at eBay, Amazon or Etsy are low quality and fake. They are mass-produced in Chinese factories for 7-10 cents and then sold on Amazon or eBay for $20-$70. And you are fooled by them.

Some even charge high prices to trick you as we think “High Priced Products are Quality”. Yes, it is but not in the case of Mala Beads on Amazon or Prayer Beads on Etsy.

Reasons to NOT Buy Mala Beads from Amazon/Etsy?

The main reason for getting Mala Beads is for good luck and positive energy which is possessed by certain kinds of gems/beads. If you use processed beads – the energy is lost. Hence, it is of no worth. Some other reasons you should not go with Amazon/Etsy to buy Beads Online are:

  • They are mass-produced. Hence, cheap and Fake
  • They don’t possess the energy you get it for
  • They work for commission only not quality
  • They are made with cheap materials without spiritual values
  • They sell dyed/colored woods 
  • They are more for fashion than religious/spiritual sense

When we browse Mala Beads on Amazon, eBay or Etsy – there are very high-quality photos.  Sadly, however, more often than not, you are not getting a realistic representation of what you are seeing in the Photos.

Problems with Buying Mala from Amazon/Etsy

You will be shown amazing photos of Malas and what you will get is “SHIT”. We tried to test their product and here is what we got. The a clear example of Expectation vs Reality. 

If the Buddhist Mala has many different colors – they are assembled to appeal to fashion rather than serving a spiritual purpose. You can see such in products from an Amazon-like marketplace.

If the Buddhist Mala is made with cheaper threads, they will very quickly stretch and break during wear or use. You can test it by buying from Amazon/Etsy.

Check the review section of the Amazon Seller. You will see how they are faking you. 

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